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There are multiple ways to install woke. If you're interested in any installation methods that are not listed here, feel free to open an issue.


Download the latest binary from Releases


You can install a binary release on macOS using brew

brew install get-woke/tap/woke
brew upgrade get-woke/tap/woke


You can install woke with scoop

scoop bucket add get-woke
scoop install get-woke/woke

Simple installation

To install the latest version:

curl -sSfL | \
  bash -s -- -b /usr/local/bin

Or install a specific version (omit the minor or patch portion to install the latest major/minor version)

curl -sSfL | \
  bash -s -- -b /usr/local/bin v0.9.0

Feel free to change the path from /usr/local/bin, just make sure woke is available on your $PATH (check with woke --version).

Build from source

Install the go toolchain:

go install

# Or pin a specific version
go install


You can run woke within docker. You will need to mount a volume that contains your source code and/or rules.

## Run with all defaults, within the mounted /src directory
docker run -v $(pwd):/src -w /src getwoke/woke

## Provide rules config
docker run -v $(pwd):/src -w /src getwoke/woke \
  woke -c my-rules.yaml


GitHub Actions


Are there other CI systems that you're using to run woke? Edit this page and add documentation/configurations for others.

Last update: 2022-08-14